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The Board of Ethics is an independent Charter created entity established by the 1997 City Charter.  The Ethics Ordinance was enacted by the City Council in 2000 and established disclosure requirements and standards of conduct applicable to all City of Detroit Public Servants.  The Board is charged with the responsibility for the implementation and administration of the Ordinance.


The Board of Ethics' role is to investigate and resolve Complaints regarding alleged violations of the Ethics Ordinance by public servants and to issue Advisory Opinions regarding the meaning and application of provisions of the Charter, City Ordinances, other laws, or regulations establishing standards of conduct for public servants.

Advisory opinions are provided to the public servant and are published by
the Board on their website and with the Clerk’s Office as well as in an annual report to the Mayor and City Council. 
The Board is charged with training all City of Detroit public servants, with monitoring and recommending improvements in the disclosure requirements, and in the standards of conduct under the Ethics Ordinance. Their mission is, "promote an ethical environment within City government, and to ensure the ethical behavior of public servants."


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Atty. Kristin Lusn, Chairperson

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Atty. David W. Jones,


Mario Morrow, Sr.

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Byron Osbern


Robert Watt


Michael Rafferty

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